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Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand), ltd.


As the Southeast Asian region has developed over the last few decades, there has been an increasing demand for high-quality electronic products, which was initially met by Japan imports. The growing market let to the establishment of a Hitachi office in Bangkok in 1958. In 1970, Hitachi Consumer Products (Thailand) Ltd. began to manufacture household electronics in the kingdom, under the name U.E.I. Hitachi Co., Ltd. However, as Thailand’s industrial sector grew there was an ever- increasing demand for quality electronic motors. So, in 1989, Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand), Ltd. (HITT) was founded in Samutprakan Province. Since then, the company has grown into one of the kingdom’s most respected electronics manufacturers.

Producing motors and other products for both export and the domestic market, HITT’s products are in great demand. Backed by Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan), the company has built up a highly experienced management team and a skilled Thai workforce. In 1995, to cope with the growing demand for its products, the company commenced construction of a new factory in Kabinburi District, Prachinburi Province. This factory was completed in February 1996 and production started in April of the same year. Hitachi Industrial Technology, (Thailand) Ltd. specialized in the production of industrial equipment, such as motors, vortex blowers, circuit breakers and switches.

Year History
1977 Started to produce Motor for Thai market in “U.E.I.Hitachi” predecessor of HCPT(Hitachi Consumer
Products (Thailand) )
1989 Began as a subsidiary company in HCPT (Capital: 18MB)
1996 Transferred to Kabinburi Industrial Zone(KIZ) (Capital:162MB)
1997 Started to produce “The Motor (1.5-3.7kW)”
1998 Started to produce “Voltex Blower” and “Earth Leakage Relay”
1999 Started to produce “Magnetic Contactor”
2000 Built more blocks for Switch production and office Started to produce “The Motor (5.5-7.5kW)”
2001 Started to produce “MCCB” and “The Motor (11-15kW)”
2002 Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems spun-off from Hitachi
2002 Built new factory for Switch, annual sales achieved 1,000 MB
2003 Certificated by ISO 9001 (2000), Started to produce “The Motor (18.5-30kW)”
2006 Certificated by ISO 14001, annual sales achieved 1,800MB
2008 Capital 262MB, Started to produce “The Motor Neo 100”
2009 Certificated ISO 9001 (2008), TIS 18001 (2003)
2010 Started to produce “The Motor Neo 100 Super Power”
2012 Capital 600MB, Site expantion (64,000 ⇒ 96,0002)
2014 HITT Celebrated 25th Anniversary
2014 Certificated ISO 50001
2014 Started to produce “The Motor Neo 100 Premium (IE3) ”
2015 Certificated ISO 9001: 2015
2015 Certificated ISO 14001: 2015
2015 Certificated TIS18001:2554/ OHSAS 18001:2007
2016 HITT has Manufactured Motor 10 Million Sets
2016 National excellent companies health & safety award (10 years consecutive)
2016 National excellent companies labor relation and welfare award (11 years consecutive)
2016 Certificated TLS 8001: 2010
2016 Certificated ISO 50001: 2011