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Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand), ltd.


HITT recognizes that it owes its success to its dedicated teams of highly qualified workers, who are committed to helping the company grow and offer the best possible services to customers. HITT insists that the company’s workers receive comprehensive in-house and overseas training and all employees are encouraged to increase their knowledge at every opportunity.

Safety is of paramount importance at all times in HITT’s factory. The company provides specialized safety equipment and the safety committee provides regular training and performs a though inspection every month.

HITT is also helping the government to fight the evils of drugs by enrolling in the white factory projects, which teaches employees about the dangers of illegal drugs and promotes a drug-free work place. The company also promotes healthy living and sports among employees, and holds regular sporting competitions, with football, volleyball and takraw being extremely popular. Knowing how valuable its dedicated workers are to the success of the company, HITT provides a wide range of benefits for employees and their families. These include
- Accommodation and transportation
- Life and accident insurance ุ
- Welfare packages for employees getting married, having children or facing funeral costs
- Educational scholarships for children of employees
- Annual staff trips
- Social gathering and parties for all member of staff.