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Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand), ltd.

Mold Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Hitachi Fuse-Free Breakers

New line-ups with fully integrated configuration, advanced performance and simplified operation.

Reduced total costs through increased efficiency in specification changes and replacement

System Configuration is integrated for each model type cassette loading system for interior accessories. Specification change and replacement are flexibility, easily executed. Leading-edge technology improves reliability and performance.

Flexibility - Cassette type accessories

The Specifications of breakers can be changed by cassette type internal accessories. It can be installed by users. Quickly responding to changing specifications.

Capability - Improvement of braking performance

Performance of short-circuit breaking has been developed for the requirement of IEC standard and we have just realized the performance Ics=Icu (Ics=100% Icu).

Compatibility - Unified dimensions

Dimensions are unified for economial models and standard models *1, interrupt capacity is unified *2, for the fuse-free breaker and earth leakage breaker to facilitate easy replacement.
*1 400, 600 AF
*2 Within the frame for the same current.


Point1: Easy to install the accessories and easy to change the specifications
Point2: Dimensions are unified for the economical and standard types, contributing to total cost reduction of the control panel.

Types and Models

Circuit Breaker for General Purpose
Standard Breaker Economial Breaker High Interupting Capacity Breaker
F Series

S Series

L Series

Current Limiting
30A~800A frame 30A~4000A frame 50A~800A frame

Composition of Interrupting Capacity

AC 230V

AC 400V

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB)


High Performance

Improved leak protect cooperativeness Improved in quality of protection for unnecessary operation by thunder impulse & inverter drives High reliability by original current limiting control design.

Easy Handling

Possible to attach each breaker so as not to form any clearance.


Main size is match with 60mm high for standardize of the distribution board (Standard size is below 225A FRAME).

Types and Models

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
Standard Breaker High Interupting Capacity Breaker
E Series
R Series
30A~800A frame 100A~12000A frame

Composition of Interrupting Capacity

415V Volt AC Interupting Capacity [kA]

200V Volt AC Interupting Capacity [kA]